Sample Waste Nanagenebt Plan for Dentist Offices


This waste management plan describes the nature and amount of waste generated at LIVERMORE DENTAL and shows estimates of future generation rates. Procedures and systems for collection and storage are described. The plan explains the ultimate disposal location for the waste and how patients, employees, and the public are protected from exposure.

Location and Scope of Activities

LIVERMORE DENTAL is located at XXX St, XXX, Anytown, USA. Patients are received at this location and all patient care takes place on the premises. All waste produced by LIVERMORE is generated at this location. LIVERMORE DENTAL (aka “the practice” and “the business”) is a limited liability company incorporated in the state ofXXX. Owners are XXX, XXX, and XXX. The business was founded in 2002 to provide general dentistry services to people in the XXX area. In recent years the practice has seen approximately 1100 unique patients per year and 2300 office visitors. Many patients come more than once a year.

LIVERMORE is located in City, County, State, and is subject to regulations and laws instituted by the government. The business discharges sewage to the XXX Sewage Authority.

Hazardous Materials and Pharmaceuticals

LIVERMORE stores a limited amount of chemicals on site to provide dental services:
  • Nitrous Oxide

Waste Categories

Historical Generation Rates