Common diseases you might get from waste exposure

Most microorganisms are innocuous but some can be extremely pathogenic. Whether a person gets a contagious or transmissible disease depends on the type and number of the infectious agents the person interacts with.

Type of infection Pathogen Transmission agent
Gastrointestinal infections Cholera, salmonella Fecal matter, vomit
Respiratory infections Pneumococcal disease, tuberculosis Inhaled droplets from infected individuals' exhalation
Eye infections Herpes
Skin infections Bacterial skin disease Fecal matter, vomit
Meningitis Meningitis bacteria Cerebro-spinal fluid
Haemorrhagic fever Ebola Blood and secretions
Avian influenze H5N1 virus Blood, feces
AIDS Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Bodily fluids
Hepatitis Hepatitis virus Bodily fluids, feces