Sample (and simple) Waste Management Plan for Veterinarians


This waste management plan describes the nature and amount of waste generated at Sunbury Veterinary Services and shows estimates of future generation rates.

Location and Scope of Activities

Sunbury is located at 1223 Main St, Anytown, US in the Fairview Shopping Center. It was established in 2002 to serve pet owners in the Anytown area. Sunbury employs veterinarians and veterinary assistants and technicians for care of animals.

In 2019 we employed full-time and part-time employees. The average number of employees at any time was 8.

Unique animals seen:

  • Dogs - 1200
  • Cats - 550
  • Birds - 90
  • Other - 45

Primary reason for visit:

  • Preventative Care (checkup) - 600
  • Treatment (one time) - 700
  • Treatment (ongoing) - 2100
  • Euthenasia - 400

Hazardous Materials Stored on Site

  • Phenobarbital solution for euthanizing animals (maximum of 20 lb at any time)
  • Topical analgesic (maximum of 50 lb at any time)
  • Systemic analgesic (maximum of 30 lb at any time)
  • Scissors (several pair)
  • Scalpel (maximum of three on site)

Types of Waste and Generation Rates

  • Municipal solid waste - waste produced in routine office operation. This is mostly paper and plastic packaging and food service items. It is taken to the dumpster run by Fairview shopping center. As part of our rental agreement we are allowed to dispose of unregulated solid waste in this dumpster. Estimated generation rate: 3500 lb/yr
  • Pathological waste (human) - none
  • Radioactive waste - 40 lb/yr
  • Hazardous waste (RCRA) - negligible
  • Biomedical (potentially infectious) waste - 900 lb/yr
  • Animal carcasses - 1600 lb/yr

Legacy waste

We keep no waste on site that is more than 2 months old.

Emergency equipment

We have a fire extinguisher in the office and a chemical spill kit for cleanup of materials. We believe this is adequate.

Emergency procedures

We are a very small business that rarely has more than 12 people and 10 animals in our offices, and we do not deal with large quantities of hazardous materials so there is no special emergency plan for evacuation.


Municipal solid waste and biological waste are temporarily stored on site before removal for disposal. On occasion, radioactive waste is also on site. The MSW is kept in routine office waste containers until it is taken to the shopping center dumpster. Special containers are kept for radioactive waste and biological waste and carcasses. This waste does not remain in our facility for more than a month.