I’m a small medical or dental office. What do I do with my medical waste?

multitaking waste management First, it is almost always a good idea for small operations to pay medical waste companies to take away their waste. Much of what you see on the internet - including this website - is about treatment of medical waste. As a small facility, you do not want to treat medical waste in any quantity unless you have a unique type that merits on-site treatment. You also see a lot about disposal of medical waste. Again, as a small facility it is not economical for you to handle disposal. A specialized medical waste contractor will take it away and dispose of it for you, for a price, and it is almost always worth it for you to pay that price.

What do DO have to worry about is on-site management and storage of your waste. And that is related to how you collect, classify, and segregate the waste. You have to worry about keeping risks under control, preventing undue exposure of your staff and patients to waste, and separating the waste that is expensive to get rid of from the waste that is cheap to get rid of.